21st Century British Tintypists Needed!

I’m looking for any British (or British-domiciled) tintype photographers who would like to be interviewed for a chapter in my book on the history of the British tintype. Ideally I would do a phone interview of about 20-30 minutes in the next few weeks and ask questions about your practice – at a time that […]

Working Stiffs

The operations of working class photographers, and in particular, the itinerant photographer, were largely ignored by the vocal and opinionated Victorian photographic establishment who lamented that they were “destitute of artistic taste”.1 To them, the only socially acceptable form of photography was that undertaken by “gentlemen of refinement and education” who were in search of […]

Seaside Tintypes

The most easily identified and most commonly found British tintype are the seaside portraits where families pose with buckets and spades in the sand or lounge in deck chairs on pebbled beaches with wrought iron piers in the background. Holidaymakers, possibly on their one grand day out per year, were able to have their photograph […]

A (Very) Brief Introduction to the British Tintype

The tintype was an early Victorian photographic process which enjoyed huge popularity in the United States of America after its introduction in the late 1850s but it never achieved the same acceptance in Great Britain. Excited by other new experimental visual practices, the British photographic establishment quickly rejected the process and ignored its commercial applications, with one […]

Arts Press blog post on Victorian Britain and the Tintype Photograph

Timothy Cornwell of Arts Press visited the exhibition and wrote a great piece about the show. Here is a small except – click here for the full article.   About seven years ago, photographer Sheila Masson took a curious vintage photograph that she’d bought home to show her father, who’d worked for Eastman Kodak in Rochester, […]

Press for Victorian Britain and the Tintype Photograph

The Scotsman newspaper featured a plate from the exhibition as part of their coverage of the Actinic Festival and the Retina Scottish International Photography Festival (both of whose umbrellas we are under) on Sunday July 11th. (Click image for a larger view.)  

Victorian Britain and the Tintype Photograph: An Exhibition of Victorian Tintypes Curated by Sheila Masson

This exhibition (possibly the first dedicated British tintype exhibition ever) aims to reveal the Victorian tintype as a fascinating and invaluable visual document of the working class, and to help reposition tintypes as a significant and worthy subject within photographic history. Curated from her private collection by photo historian Sheila Masson (MLitt History of Photography, […]

A Look Back at the Exhibition in Pictures

Photo copyright Anneleen Lindsay Now that Victorian Britain and the Tintype Photograph has ended its June-July 2015 run at the English Speaking Union Scotland Gallery in Edinburgh, here is a brief look back at the exhibition.                                           […]